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About Us

White Veil Coffee Cart started as an idea from two friends. David worked as a barista, while Tim was working with small businesses. One day, as we were brainstorming business ideas, David mentioned that a friend of ours was looking for a coffee caterer for their wedding. And from that moment, the idea of White Veil Coffee Cart was born. We wanted to bring the best coffee to the best events, wherever the need arose. We hope that we may serve you and bring your event to the next level. 

Coffee Cart Owners

How Our Pricing Works


Number of Guests

In order for us to best serve you, we need an estimate of the number of guests at your event. This will help us purchase the correct amount of supplies, to make sure every one of your guests is satisfied. This also helps us to neither overcharge or undercharge you.


Your Menu

Some of our clients want a full menu of drinks. Others want just hot chocolate or tea. Whether you want a full menu or a more limited one, we have you covered. Our pricing is based on the size and complexity of your menu. We can work with your budget and put together a fantastic menu that will leave your taste buds satisfied. 


Length of Service

Our standard length of service is 2 hours, not including set up and tear down. Need more time? Want us to stay for the whole event? Not a problem at all - we just need to know in advance and we can adjust your invoice accordingly.

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